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The range of cuisine of Kashmir is truly incredible. Keeping with the natural beauty of Kashmir, its cuisine has a peculiar quality of its own that makes it different from the other culinary arts of India.

Favorite Recipe's

Rogan Josh
Rogan Josh

The most popular and Kashmiri dish made with lamb is the star of any saal!


Light, fresh but spicy. Perfect with rice and yogurt

Dum Aloo
Dum Aloo

Classic Kashmiri potato in spicy sauce

Why Koshur Saal?

Deeply concerned at the fact that future generations of Kashmiris might lose touch with authentic Kashmiri cuisines, as they do with their native language, it occurred to me that I must pass on the recipes given to me by my mother to the generations to follow. I hope my sincere efforts in this direction prove helpful not only to amateur cooks, but also to students who live in dorms and to Kashmiri girls who get married and have no knowledge of cooking.

- Chandra Ganju


Favorite recipe videos

How to make paneer from milk

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